Amanda Paredes Named Team Member of the Quarter Senior Manager of Brand Marketing, Amanda Paredes achieved team member award for the second time at Wingstop!

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Amanda Paredes Wingstop Team Member of the Quarter

We celebrate team members at Wingstop that are humble, hungry and smart, and every quarter we honor one exceptional individual. Amanda Paredes, senior manager of brand marketing, was the most recent addition to the list of powerhouse players called Team Members of the Quarter. We’ve previously covered part of Amanda’s story for International Women’s Day, so we’re thrilled to chat with her again! Tomorrow will be her six-year anniversary with the team, and since then she has proven herself time and time again, even winning Team Member of the Quarter twice now, the first time back in 2016!

Below is what some of her colleagues had to say about her when nominating her for the award.

“Amanda exhibits the Wingstop Way in everything she does. She goes above and beyond for her team without letting adversity or unforeseen challenges slow her down. She exhibits an exemplary work ethic and deserves the respect and recognition from her team members. It’s amazing to see how much passion she has for the brand in the way we serve our guests and our brand partners.”
“Amanda continues to demonstrate two key leadership behaviors; ownership and team contribution. From an ownership mindset, there have been many examples of Amanda going beyond the scope of her role to ensure that commitments to our cross-functional partners and system are met, and exceeded. The second key leadership behavior is how she drives through results through team contribution and connectivity.”

We got the chance to sit with Amanda to answer a few questions about her love for our product, the brand and her path to success at Wingstop.

1) What attracted you to Wingstop when you first started?

As cliché as it sounds, it’s honestly the product. Before I worked here, I was an avid boneless fan and would hit up the location on Lemmon Avenue every Monday or Tuesday to indulge. The restaurant had a very ‘homey’ feeling and the team members knew me by name and always made me feel like a guest in their home. I’ve been a fan FOREVER! My Mom jokes and says that if you’d cut me open, I bleed PMS 349 (Wingstop green).


2) What do you think are some essential skills all marketers should have?

A passion for people. At the end of the day, we’re here to take a guest’s wants (even when they don’t know they have them) and convert them to what they believe are needs. We are in the people business – without our team members, we have no brand. Without our guests, we have no brand. Without our brand partners, we have no brand. All of those unique PEOPLE are at the heart of any skill a marketer can learn and refine.

As marketers, we have a responsibility to bring our brand benefits to the stage and make life a series of enjoyable moments. At Wingstop, our guests are passionate and not only do they invite us to those moments, but often depend on us to be the center of those moments. Wingstop is in a place that doesn’t happen without hard work and sharp intuition. It’s a great time to be a marketer at Wingstop.


3) What does being named Team Member of the Quarter twice now mean to you?

Most of all, it’s humbling. I am pretty hard on myself and always wish I was faster, stronger and smarter. But this honor has reminded me that I’m blessed to work in an organization that I consider family. There are multiple rockstars who have either guided me toward a better solution, asked tough questions, slapped my wrist, challenged me to a ‘never-been-done’ before task and most of all… encouraged me to reach for the stars. This award isn’t about me – this is about the incredible cross-functional strides we’re making as an organization to work smarter as one.


4) What do you believe has made you successful in your career?

My can-do attitude. Consistently having a learning mindset & accepting the challenge of the unknown is where I thrive. With a brand like ours, everyday is a ‘new’ day and I’m a strong believer that everything we want is on the other side of fear. For me, the secret has been to use the fear as fuel.


5) What do you attribute as your most valuable accomplishment at Wingstop?

Learning to embrace change. Wingstop has grown at lightening speeds! I remember our little office in Richardson, celebrating our 700th opening (almost half of where we are today), being part of the team that kicked off online ordering, taking my first international trip to open a new country, and so many other pivotal moments in our brand story. At every turn there is change – SIGNIFICANT change. At first it was strange and could be difficult to adapt, but over time, it’s become part of my DNA. I couldn’t survive in same ol’ – to me, that’s a HUGE accomplishment.


6) How do you Serve the World Flavor in your role?

Serve is the word that inspires me most in our mission statement. I believe that “we only have what we give” (Isabel Allende). For me, I may not be the most tenured or experienced marketer, but my servant’s heart is always motivated by serving our brand partners, our guests and our team (or what I like to call, ‘the fam’).


7) Lastly, what’s your favorite wing flavor?

Just when I thought my Wingstop partner in crime, Phillip Maldonado, had graced us with the most amazing recipe, Louisiana Rub…it got better. He taught me to drizzle honey over Louisiana Rub at home and WOW! It’s hard for me to eat LRB any other way now. You gotta try it!

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