Are Wings at the Center of Your Plate? They Should Be Don’t be fooled by your “friends” who eat wings as a side; wings deserve center stage on your plate.

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Wings Are the Center of the Plate with Cajun corn

Many people treat wings as a side item or appetizers, throwing them alongside a pizza or burger as a sort of afterthought, and this upsets us. Wings are so much more than that! They bring flavor, excitement, and joy to your mouth and they deserve the starring role at all your occasions. Here are a few reasons that prove wings are the main dish, taking their rightful place at the center of the plate.

Protein-packed wings power you to do what you love

Don’t settle for the flavorless carb crash you get with pizza and burgers. In a world where the protein determines the main dish, wings outrank the rest. Our classic, protein-packed wings will fuel your day. See our nutritional guide for more details on our wings.

Flavor is king

You don’t need anything else to complete your meal because our wings provide the full flavor experience. With our eleven tasty flavors, your wing experience will always be unique, just like you. Each flavor takes you through a journey to the flavor world — why would you settle for anything less?

Wings are perfect for every occasion

Wings are the perfect finishing touch to any event, party or activity where food is in the equation. Whether you’re chilling at home streaming your latest binge, pwning on your favorite game, or watching sports with your crew, wings WILL satisfy the crave.

Additionally, with online ordering – and delivery in select markets – the convenience of the modern world is at your fingertips. Locate your nearest Wingstop and keep living your best life while we make your meal.

Now that you know why our wings should be at the center of your plate, you have no reason to make us sad anymore. Grab your Wingstop and share with your crew why wings are the center of the plate.

xoxo Wingstop

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