Brandy Rothdeutsch Named Team Member of the Quarter Team Member of the Quarter, Brandy Rothdeutsch, shares her insights on building a team, attaining success, and being a leader who motivates and inspires.

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We love celebrating our team members at Wingstop, so every quarter we highlight one exceptional individual. Most recently, Brandy Rothdeutsch was named Team Member of the Quarter. Regional marketing director for Wingstop, Brandy develops and implements strategic marketing plans at a regional level. In this role, she stays ahead of changes in the marketing environment to best serve the objectives of the organization.

Here’s what one of her colleagues had to say about Brandy’s performance:


“She is very thorough in her job functions, and is always engaged in her work, going the extra mile when necessary. Brandy has set a high standard in the area of job performance and easily meets the qualifications of an outstanding employee!”


Having worked with Wingstop for over three years, she started as field marketing manager before her promotion to regional marketing director in 2017. Prior to joining Wingstop, she worked at Valpak, a direct mail company, as a marketing and operations manager. Before that, she was at a full service advertising agency, developing the pipeline for future business.

Below, Brandy shares her thoughts on success in marketing, building a team of collaborators, and leading by inspiring and motivating others toward a vision.


How did you get into marketing?

I originally went to college for dental hygiene and during my first semester, I realized that wasn’t the right long-term profession for me. I switched majors to marketing as I always found it interesting and full of possibilities. Then, when I graduated, my first job was at an ad agency and I have been in marketing ever since.


What first attracted you to apply at Wingstop?

I was looking for a change, but I was only willing to move for companies that I loved their product. Wingstop had a posting on LinkedIn, so I knew I had to apply since I had loved their wings since college!


What does being Team Member of the Quarter mean to you?

Being Team Member of the Quarter means a great deal to me – it’s nice knowing that your efforts are appreciated.


What do you believe has made you successful in your career?

I always ask, “What more can I do/learn?” to help the situation. I am not satisfied with doing the minimum amount of work needed, and I believe having that mentality has helped me grow and be successful throughout my career.


What is your favorite part of your role?

Building a team that works as a partner with our brand partners to help find solutions that aid in growing the business.


What do you attribute as your most valuable accomplishment at Wingstop?

The building of respectful, open, trusting relationships that create an opportunity for both parties to collaborate and build towards the bigger picture together.


What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me means creating a positive atmosphere that helps motivate and inspire the best from the team to help gain momentum towards the vision that was set.


How do you Serve the World Flavor in your role?

I serve the world flavor in my role by being actively present and honest in all that I do.


Lastly, what’s your favorite wing flavor?

Spicy Korean Q on boneless wings or Louisiana Rub on classic wings!


Thank you Brandy for being an exceptional Wingstop team member! If you’re interested in working for a company that celebrates their rock stars, check out open positions on our careers page.

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