Carpooling with Cool People Eating Wings – Anthony Anderson and Spice Adams Former pro football player squeezes into the ’94 corvette for new Hot Lemon and Atomic BBQ flavor remixes.

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We’re screaming “touchdown!” for our 25th anniversary this month. To celebrate with us, Anthony Anderson rolled with former pro football player and current social media super star, Spice Adams for a taste-test of new flavor remixes. The two tried Hot Lemon and Atomic BBQ, which debuted last week and completed our limited-time 25 Days of Flavor menu. But a star-studded sampling would not be complete without a Wingstop-ified ’94 corvette. The Wingstop Whip showed up again for the third installment of our series “Carpooling with Cool People Eating Wings.” If you’re wondering how a massive former football player can fit in a tiny two-door sports car – well, you’ll just have to watch…

This isn’t the first time Spice has fallen in love with our flavor, but it might be your first time trying the new flavor remixes. Better hurry, though! 25 Days of Flavor ends on July 29, then Hot Lemon, Atomic BBQ – and the rest of the limited-time menu – will be gone. Order now through our five-star app or at


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