Chef Larry Gives Us the Wingsider View A look behind the scenes of our TV spot, Where Flavor Gets Its Wings.

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Chef Larry on set for Where Flavor Gets Its Wings shoot

A LOT goes into making a Wingstop TV spot, which was especially true for our newest campaign, Where Flavor Gets Its WingsTM. Every detail is important, but the star of the show takes center stage. No, we’re not talking about the talented Louis and Lisa. The star of our Flavor World, is of course, the flavor; and more specifically, that flavor on our chicken wings.

Chef Larry Bellah, our director of flavor innovation as we lovingly call him, offered his expertise from behind the scenes. Along with food stylist Shellie Anderson, they knew exactly what it took to make our wings camera-ready. From pinning the wings down for the perfect shape, to seasoning to perfection, the team worked to ensure that our new TV spot would be a steamy success.

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Behind the scenes photos:
The completed spots:

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the making of our TV spot. Also, check out brand manager Jessica McLain’s POV and try out the #WingDropChallenge. If seeing the flavor world come to life makes you hungry, order your wings now.

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