[Video] CMO Maurice Cooper Unveils New Tagline & Campaign for 2019 New look. New feel. Same flavor you know and love.

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Whether you’re all about the spicy-sweet kick from Mango Habanero or prefer the buttery zing of our Lemon Pepper wings – if you’ve ever been to Wingstop – there’s a flavor on our menu that makes you feel some type of way.

Our new campaign, Where Flavor Gets Its WingsTM, is centered around those flavors that have developed a cult-like following and defined our brand since the beginning.

Very unofficial legal disclaimer: Wingstop is not responsible for sudden onset hunger, or any actions as a result thereof, upon viewing our food in all its steamy, saucy glory; but we can help you get your flavor fix at Wingstop.com.

We can’t unsend that hangry text you just sent your boyfriend, though – sry, babe.

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