Cody Thornton Named Team Member of the Quarter Team Member of the Quarter Cody Thornton was honored in Q3 for embodying the Wingstop Way.

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Cody Thornton. Wingstop's Team Member of the Quarter

We’re passionate about the rock stars who make our company great and, to honor them, we celebrate outstanding team members every quarter during our company-wide meetings. For Q3 2018, two members were highlighted: Cody Thornton of development and Chad Rushing of information technology. See below for a deeper dive on Cody’s life at Wingstop and click here for Chad’s story.

Senior project manager for new restaurant openings, Cody is responsible for the technology and remodels of new Wingstop restaurants. Cody first joined Wingstop as a contractor supporting operations and IT in 2014, and moved into a full-time position as an IT project manager shortly after. During this exciting time, he and his team oversaw the conversion of nearly 300 restaurants in just over two years. Now Cody is responsible for managing the process of all point-of-sale/register (POS) installations and is heavily involved in the brand re-image/remodel program focusing on regional rollouts to upgrade our restaurants.

Here’s what Cody’s colleague had to say about his work:


“Cody is a passionate, driven individual who has an innate ability to juggle all of his responsibilities with the NRO [new restaurant opening] process as well as special projects. In regards to the remodel program, he has leveraged several successful key partnerships to make the program a success. He drives to continually improve the process both internally and for our brand partners. He has been the successful lead on implementing new technology as the brand prepares for the next generation Wingstop.”


We followed up with Cody for Q/A:


How did you get into the development field?

After the Aloha POS rollout, it made sense to transition my role over to the development team. Due to all the necessary requirements and tight timelines, having this role fall under the development “umbrella” allows a more broad approach to address things within the construction cycle earlier, as well as communicate changes in a more timely manner. Additionally, with my re-image program responsibilities, it allows us the opportunity to review future technology growth and set forth on processes and review scenarios that could be more beneficial on a larger scale.


What first attracted you to apply at Wingstop?

I was actually recruited due to my strong operational knowledge of Aloha/NBO (MenuLink).


What does being Team Member of the Quarter mean to you?

This is a huge honor for me. It motivates me even more to become better than I was yesterday and ensure that no matter what, I ALWAYS lead by example! For me, the things I do day-to-day are simply the ante into the game. This brand is something I am passionate about, and with that, I will always strive to be a better member of this organization. I don’t think twice about doing whatever I can to ensure we succeed as a team, not just as a company. I bleed green!


What do you believe has made you successful in your career?

My personal commitment to Wingstop has made me successful. I want to resemble what I feel our executive team does. With the culture that is being built within our four walls, it is up to us at the restaurant support center (RSC) to be a shining example of what brand excellence should look like.


What is your favorite part of your role?

The empowerment to be involved with every team regardless if my projects touch theirs or not. The cross-functional opportunities are abundant and have allowed me to develop my skills and, in addition, learn more and more with each day. Charlie [Morrison, CEO] once told me to “be a sponge” in terms of soaking up knowledge and opportunities, and from that day forward I have tried to do just that!


What do you attribute as your most valuable accomplishment at Wingstop?

The honor of being selected for TMOQ is more meaningful than any project. Having my peers see me as deserving of this is not something I take lightly, and I am blessed and grateful that I am viewed in such a positive light.


How do you Serve the World Flavor in your role?

I would say that by putting the operation of our restaurants as the priority, I am ensuring we all Serve the World Flavor. I will not allow one of our vendors to jeopardize that.


Lastly, what’s your favorite wing flavor?

Classic (not boneless!) Lemon Pepper all flats dipped in Atomic.

Thank you, Cody, for your dedication to the Wingstop brand and your drive in being a cultural leader for our team members and guests. We’re happy to have you on the team and are looking forward to many additional successes in the years to come!

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