DIY Wingstop Wing Bouquet for Valentine’s Day Make your V-Day unique with wing bouquets

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DIY Wingstop Wing Bouquet

Last year, we sold out of our popular wing bouquet kits in a matter of days; and although they aren’t available this year, you can still make your own! All you’ll need are some skewers, cellophane paper, a strip of ribbon, some Wingstop boat liners, and of course, your SO’s favorite flavor. Follow along below for the easy step-by-step guide.

1) Get your SO’s favorite flavor from your local Wingstop.
Step 1 for Wingstop wing bouquets
2) Place the boat liners on a flat surface, and then cover the boat liners with cellophane paper.
Step 2 for Wingstop wing bouquets.
3) Skewer each wing so they face up. Arrange.
Step 3 for Wingstop wing bouquets.
4) Place the skewered wings on the cellophane paper, wrap the paper around the skewers, and tie it up with a ribbon.
Step 4 for Wingstop wing bouquets.

With the special Wingstop wing bouquet, your favorite person gets their favorite flavor and you get all the glory of making a memorable Valentine’s Day. Order your wings now at You’re welcome – and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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