Family, Friends, Festivities, FLAVOR! Happy Holidays from Wingstop!

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In celebration of the holiday season, we sat down with a few team members to discuss all things tradition and FLAVOR! See below for what they had to say about their favorites.

Mary Feather: 

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Tradition: One of my favorite holiday traditions is hanging out with my mom and helping her cook all her famous dishes. She cooks an amazing red wine spaghetti sauce and also bakes homemade bread rolls from scratch. I can eat them for days.

Flavor: My favorite holiday meal is my grandmother’s homemade green chili stew followed by biscochitos for dessert. Biscochitos are basically a crispy butter cookie with anise, cinnamon, and sugar. All the good stuff!

Kam Dossous:


Tradition: My favorite holiday tradition is having a Christmas party with all our close friends and family every year. We’ve upheld this tradition for so many years everyone looks forward to it!

Flavor: My favorite holiday meal has to be baked ham! My aunt makes the best baked ham.

Ellie Moore:


Tradition: My favorite holiday tradition is doing “fondue” on Christmas Eve! We started this tradition with my grandparents when I was younger, and we still do it today. It’s an easy way to not worry about what to cook the night before Christmas, and look forward to something other than ham!

Flavor: I don’t have a favorite holiday meal, but my grandma makes her special spritz cookies and mails them to me each year, and it’s definitely the one I look forward to the most!

Jason Lamb:


Tradition: Decorating the Christmas Tree each year is my favorite. Since I was a kid and to this day, it is a fun time filled with anticipation of the holiday coming. When I was a kid, we would listen to music while putting it up, and when it was done late in the evening turn of the house lights and drink Wassail Punch under the glow of the tree. Now that I have kids, we still decorate with music playing and finish of the evening with a glass of wine for the adults and hot chocolate for the kids.

Flavor: Prime rib (me), creamed spinach (wife), Yorkshire pudding (wife), and apple pie (Pie Emporium).

George West-Perry:


Tradition: Traditions are a little hard to maintain with us being spread across the country, but when I lived in New York City, we would go to Rockefeller Center and ice skate while beholding the world famous Christmas tree. We would do so because our family in Panama loved to see photos of us next to the gigantic tree.

Flavor: My favorite holiday meal is prepared by yours truly! Typically I prepare a lasagna with bechamel sauce – so creamy and rich. 

Brian Tabb:


Tradition: My favorite Holiday Tradition is our families donation of winter clothes to various organizations in need. Having been raised in Buffalo, NY and Columbus, OH you can see first hand how dangerous the Holiday Season can be for the less fortunate as temperatures drop during this time of year. There was and continues to be a desperate need for winter clothing, blankets, etc. This has been a part of our Holiday Tradition for as long as I can remember, and it is fantastic to see the next generation embrace it as well.

Flavor: My favorite holiday indulgence is Oyster Dressing, I can eat it alongside any meal, or as a meal in itself. Of course it is made by my Mom, I think choosing a dish not made by Mom is never wise.

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