Wingstop Celebrates Black History Month We asked a few team members what Black History Month means to them


At Wingstop, we’re leveraging Black History Month as an opportunity to learn more about Black culture and have important conversations. To kick off this month, we sat down with a few team members to learn more about what this month means to them, their families, and the Black community. 

Kiefe Henson


“For me, Black History Month is not only a time to highlight the immeasurable Black contribution to American life, but to acknowledge our story as a whole. From the beginning to now. The challenges, setbacks, and successes. It’s a celebration of blackness and all that it entails!”

Ashley Burton

ashley b

“Black History Month is a time to reflect and educate on the contributions made by African Americans beyond the mainstream ideas of Hip Hop and Pop culture. It’s a time to develop a deeper understanding of the history, attributions, and influence. As a double minority, being a woman and an African American, this month encourages me to truly embrace the uniqueness of who I am. It is not just about the challenges and obstacles that we’ve encountered or ignoring the journey still to come; it is also a time to rejoice and celebrate how far we’ve come with acceptance, love, and equality.”

Teneka Ray


“Black History Month is a celebration of American History – a time when the nation takes a moment to shine a light on the central role and contributions of African Americans to the world.  It’s the moment in time where our complete history and culture has the opportunity to be regarded and celebrated in media, business meetings, and educational venues. Black History Month is the moment where we as African Americans are reminded of the extraordinary history of our ancestors doing amazing things against impossible odds. It’s a moment where our history of perseverance, innovation, ingenuity, social consciousness, athleticism, and artistic genius are celebrated by all Americans to develop a communal pride and comradery for our collective experience. Black History Month is not just a nod to the past, but a moment to applaud the ground-breaking and triumphant accomplishments of African Americans being made every single day. A moment to declare that we are still making history!”

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