Wingstop Celebrates Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, Wingstop is using March as an opportunity to recognize the achievements of incredible women throughout history, as well as celebrate the women and girls who are leading us into the future.

We sat down with several women across our organization to learn what being a female leader means to them. Click the link below to read their stories!


Jennylind Doyle, Talent Manager

One thought I want to share about how I empower other women… I hate to hear other women talk down to themselves. We often have really mean comments about ourselves that we internalize and sometimes vocalize.

My goal to help reset this when I hear friends and colleagues talk about themselves like this is to say: “don’t talk about my friend that way.” It’s a simple thought, but a nice, gentle reminder that we would NEVER be as critical of a fellow woman as we are of ourselves – and therefore, we should be kind to ourselves. 


Ambar Vasquez, Project Coordinator, NRO Technology

Being a woman to me means appreciating what others have fought for what we have today, continuing the fight towards equality and encouraging others to do the same. History happens every day and we are all a part of it.


Taylor Lopez, Real Estate Manager – Southwest

I absolutely love being a woman. There was one year where I was accidentally put on an all-boys t-ball team, and that year I wasn’t super jazzed about my gender, but other than that I have been living the Girl Power life for 36 years now.

With every passing year it seems like a new layer of womanhood is peeled back, whether through the fostering of my female friendships or the rich, complex, and still too untold history of the courageous women that came before me. I am filled with pride when I think of the fights that women in history have had for me to have the life that I am able to lead today. I have been able to choose to have a career and have children. I have been able to choose to marry the person that I love. And I have grown up knowing that my voice matters and can be heard through my vote.

I empower women around me by encouraging them to stay informed and exercise their right to vote. I host debate watch parties and make voting fun by planning brunches afterward. Staying involved in our communities, in whichever way speaks to your soul, breeds tribes of women uplifting each other. When our daughters grow up seeing and living this, they will continue to pay it forward.

This present time used to be the unimaginable future, and yet we must continue to lift each other up so that another sister will never have to dry her tears wondering when in history she lost her voice. Women come in all different shapes, colors, backgrounds, and belief systems, but we all hold one thing in common: the legacy of girlhood isn’t making women strong, because we are already strong. It is about changing the way that strength is perceived.

ellie moore

Ellie Moore, Director of Wingstop Charities

I’m always inspired by the women who can do it all. It’s amazing to see successful women who also juggle the other roles of being mom, sister, wife and daughter! The women closest to me in my life are the ones who never make excuses and always find a way to be there for me when I need them most. Their hard work motivates me to be the best version of myself while having people to lean on when I need it.

maddie lupori

Maddie Lupori, Public Relations Manager

My mom always encouraged us girls to speak up, hold our heads high and carry confidence. I was taught that my opinions and voice matter, and I’m so grateful that I was empowered in this way from an early age and had women in powerful positions to watch and admire – my mom, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, the list goes on.

I hope that one day all women can enter a room with confidence and feel that they were given not just a seat at the table, but a microphone and a platform that matters.


Carmelia Walker, HR Business Partner/Field Recruiter

Being a woman means being able to be powerful, impactful, strong-willed, compassionate, and fierce all at the same time. Being a woman is about being strong enough to stand up for your convictions, and humble enough to learn from your mistakes. Being a woman is about showing my daughters that it is possible to be an awesome mother, wife, friend, and business professional all at the same time. Being a woman is about being true to self, not fearing failure, staying true to convictions, and always lifting others up. Being a woman is about knowing when to walk away from anything that significantly hinders my faith, my peace, or me and my family’s growth. Being a woman is about leaving a strong legacy of love, faith, respect, and impact to all those who have been blessed to know you.

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