Celebrating Team Member of the Quarter – Eric Manning!

Eric Manning TMOQ 1

Congratulations to Eric Manning for earning Team Member of the Quarter for Q2 2023!


Q: What attracted you to Wingstop when you first started?

A: Hands down the culture. It’s something that was (and still is) incredibly shocking and something I’m extremely grateful for.


Q: What does being TMOQ mean to you?

A: TMOQ means a lot. To me it shows the organization truly appreciates & recognizes our work. It shows that we matter, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of that and this Wingstop Family.


Q: What do you believe has made you successful in your career?

A: The team. In reality, the award should be “Team of the Quarter.” What I have been able to accomplish has involved so much collaboration and included the hard work of many others (Supply Chain, Marketing, Ops, IT, etc.). Without the great teammates and leadership none of it would be possible.


Q: How do you Serve the World Flavor in your role?

A: Perhaps cliché, but genuinely living out Humble, Hungry & Smart to the best of my ability.


Q: What do you attribute as your most valuable accomplishment at Wingstop?

A: I would say taking part in the launch of Canada. I say “taking part” because again so many people assisted in it. Such an awesome project and excited to see the region grow.


Q: Lastly, what is your favorite sauce flavor?

A: OG Hot

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