Which Came First – the Chicken or the Egg…or Kylie Jenner? Wingstop UK perfectly capitalizes on two social media trends: The World Record Egg and #10yearchallenge.

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In case you missed it, an egg (yes, an egg) dethroned Kyle Jenner of her world record for the “most-liked” photo on Instagram. The egg rang in at more than 18.3 million likes within 10 days of posting as of January 4, beating Kylie’s previous 18.2 million likes, and rose to the pinnacle of Instagram fame at more than 50 million likes as of January 24.

World_Record_Egg on Instagram

In other social news, if you scrolled through any feed in mid-January, you saw people posting a “then and now” comparison to show how they’ve changed over the years, under the guise of #10yearchallenge.

#10YearChallenge with Resse Witherspoon
Wingstop UK wasted no time in capitalizing on these iconic social moments, with brand partner Tom Grogan leading the charge to craft the perfect social post:
World Record Egg and #10YearChallenge with Wingstop UK

Since posting on January 15, Wingstop UK’s Instagram post garnered some serious social chatter, including a repost by memezar totaling nearly 50,000 likes.

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