Bringing the Flavor to Gangsta Gaming League We met up with Snoop Dogg to cure an epic crave.

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Snoop Dogg with Wingstop at Gangsta Gaming League

Snoop Dogg’s been creating intense musical flavor since 1991, so we were honored when he wanted to bring our flavor into another one of his great talents, gaming. Brand partner BJ (Barjor Pithawalla) and his team met up with Snoop in SoCal and brought the flavor to the inaugural Gangsta Gaming League session. Snoop and his friends battled it out for several hours in the Madden tournament, and we fueled their crave! See how Snoop and his crew cured their crave and catch his stream on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube.



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Snoop Dogg with Wingstop at Gangsta Gaming League

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