Happy Women’s Equality Day

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Wednesday, August 26 is Women’s Equality Day, marking 100 years since the 19th Amendment was officially added to the US Constitution. In 1973, Congress passed a bill naming August 26 as “Women’s Equality Day,” to not only recognize the struggles of the past women had faced in order to secure their rights, but also for their ongoing efforts for full equality within society.

At Wingstop, we live by our values. Our value of inclusion is top-of-mind and we are spotlighting some of our rock star team members who bring their true selves to work every day.

Melissa Chavez, HR Business Partner/Field Recruiter, sat down with us to discuss what this historical day means to her!

What does Women’s Equality Day mean to you?

As a Hispanic female, it has been challenging at times to earn credibility in what I am able to do in a male-dominated workforce. This day reminds me, as a woman, we do have the right to be equally recognized for our knowledge and talents when it comes to our careers and way of living without labels such as gender.


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What are some adversities in the workplace that you have had to overcome and how did you do it?

Even with the best intentions people tend to have an unconscious bias which can affect actions in the workplace. As a working Hispanic female, I’ve had to overcome challenges that intersect across race, gender and culture creating roadblocks in how I’m viewed as a professional. I didn’t shy away from addressing these issues and topics, ensuring my voice was simply heard speaking the truth. 

Who are some female leaders you look up to?

Honestly, the females in my family. Especially the ones who raised us to be confident and to stand up in what you truly believe, especially when it comes to female equality. Their words of encouragement have brought me this far in life and especially in my career: reminding me to never give up and speak up for what I believe to be right and fair.

What D&I initiatives has Wingstop taken to ensure female voices are heard?

Wingstop genuinely inspires team members to bring our thoughts, opinions, and ideas to the table – especially females. As a brand ambassador, I am entrusted and supported by my beliefs in equality. I’ve not only witnessed it but experienced it. There truly is a “safe place” for females to feel comfortable with voicing opinions; in fact, it’s encouraged.

What advice do you have for women in the workplace?

Be true to who you are as an individual and never be afraid to speak up because you’re just as important as anyone in the workplace. Find a company who truly wants to help and see you grow personally and professionally. 

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