Iron Man Phil Not all superheroes wear capes – they wear wings!

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Iron Man Phil with Wingstop blanket

10-year-old Phillip “Phil” Escalante is a 4th grader in Corona, CA, who enjoys playing Counter Strike, running the bases with his Corona American Little League team, being a little brother to Vincent and Cadence, and eating Wingstop.

After a diagnosis of Hodgkin Lymphoma 2B in January 2019 left Phil with a 23-day stay in the hospital, his days consisted of different hobbies than before, but his love for Wingstop (and our love for him!) remained the same.

During that time, Sandi Doerr, region trainer for the west, heard of Phil’s diagnosis and Wingstop obsession through his local elementary school, which her son also attends, and knew she wanted to help out in any way she could. Immediately, she began rallying local brand partners Hershey Grewal and Danny Sonenshine, president and founder of Far West Restaurant Group; and fellow corporate team members to treat Phil and his nursing staff to a special Wingstop experience.

Once Phil completed his 23-day stay, he was able to go home for a few days before his doctors needed him to come back for an additional, shorter stay. During that time, Wingstop team members visited Phil’s house to supply him with all the goodies he needed to continue his fight against cancer, Wingstop-style.

Once back at the hospital, Phil shared the Wingstop love with his nursing staff and took his next round of treatment like a champ Iron Man, his favorite superhero!


“I feel like Iron Man when I’m hooked up to all the medical equipment in the hospital. I like being brave, because being brave means being powerful and fearless, and I am all those things while I’m fighting cancer!”


We can’t think of anyone more deserving of the title of Iron Man. And hey, that Wingstop green looks good on you, Iron Man Phil!

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