Meet Kyle Brown – International Operations Intern HBCU Morehouse College student joins Wingstop team for the summer!

Intern Graphic Kyle

We are thrilled to welcome Kyle Brown to our 2021 Pilot Internship Program this summer! Kyle is interning on the international operations team and will gain experience across all facets of the Wingstop business during his time with us.

Tell us about yourself! (high school/college activities, hobbies, family, past job/internship experiences, etc.)

Since I was very young, my parents, two older brothers and I have moved to seven different states. I love movies and the process of how they are created as well as have a passion for creating my own short stories. I also like to travel and see different views.

I played football all four years of high school, ran track from my senior year to my current position as a rising senior, and now currently in different organizations within Morehouse College. I am in the Collegiate 100, an organization that aids the social, emotional, and educational needs of the youth in their communities. Additionally, I volunteer with CASA which is my school’s campus alliance for student activities.

I have worked with food at places such as Cold Stone Creamery and Pizza Hut as an employee. My previous internship was with AIB Network, a faith-based network that plays in Atlanta, Georgia that educates the mind as well as entertains. I scripted scenes for episodes as well as learned the process of producing a piece of content to be on camera.

Why did you want to intern at Wingstop?

I wanted to join and somehow contribute to the success of one of the fastest growing brands in the restaurant industry in any way. I want to learn how a restaurant brand can intrigue so many consumers, as well as understand the relationships with other countries and everything that comes with that when opening new restaurants. Also, I love Wingstop.

What are you most excited about during your internship?

I am most excited for the relationships that are to be made, which will both educate me and give me a different view on how I look and understand all things in the corporate world and in Wingstop.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

I hope to gain the professional experience and information I would need to one day work in the corporate world, as well as make great and long-lasting relationships that will push me in the right direction to success.

What does attending an HBCU mean to you?

I didn’t originally plan to attend an HBCU, but I can say being involved with Morehouse opened my eyes and mind to so many different things, as I was not used to being in a setting like this before I enrolled here. It is so nice to be around all people who look like you, but at the same time it is so diverse. Everyone has their own talents, goals and own mindsets, but we all have the same end goal. We all want to be successful in whatever area we prefer and make a positive change in this world. I can truly say going to an HBCU changed my life and I would have never gotten some of the relationships and connections I have today without having the HBCU experience. Especially at Morehouse College being an all-boys school, there is a different type of unity that is displayed.

What’s your go-to Wingstop order?

Large ten-piece classic wing combo, four Hot Lemon and six Lemon Pepper with fries and extra ranch. Also, a sweet tea.

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