National Cheese Lover’s Day We love wings, but we also love cheese.

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Today is National Cheese Lover’s day, and with so many cheeses, it’s hard to decide how to celebrate. Some people might say that if you’re a true cheese lover, you need to go to France or Wisconsin to celebrate this holiday, but they would be wrong. The farthest place you need to go is your local Wingstop. Our mouth-watering cheese sauce poured on top of our steamy, fresh-cut fries is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday. If you want to spice up this holiday even more, go for our loaded Louisiana Voodoo fries – you’ll get the kick of Cajun, the cool touch of ranch, and of course, our legendary, cheese sauce.

Louisiana Voodoo Fries Cheese Lovers Day

If you really want to crank up the flavor, grab an order of your favorite wings on put them ON TOP of your cheese or Louisiana Voodoo fries. This combo is sure to take your cheese-loving taste buds on an unforgettable journey into the flavor world.

Louisiana Voodoo Fries with Tenders Cheese Lovers Day

So, stop daydreaming about it and go get it! Pick up all your cheese-loving friends and head to your nearest Wingstop.

Happy National Cheese Lover’s day!

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