National Grammar Day PSA: It’s “Wingstop” We love you, but (sometimes) you’re wrong.

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It’s National Grammar Day, and we have some tea to spill. Many of you, our beloved fans, call us, “Wing stop” and “WingStop,” sometimes even “Wing.stop,” but we’re here to tell you, it’s “Wingstop.” We know it can be confusing, and when the crave takes over, grammatical correctness isn’t the first thing on your mind; but it’s an easy fix to get it right – typically with one less press of the space bar and/or shift key.

Wingstop super fans of Twitter…we love you, but why do you do us like this?

Sammi Tweet for Grammar Day: "@ wing stop i miss u"
We miss you too, Sammi, but it’s “Wingstop,” not “wing stop.”
Bruh Wing Stop fries are criminally underrated...
Wingstop*, bruh.
I bought a six piece from wing stop and they gave me eight
@dvmwit share the love right back, it’s Wingstop.
Wing Stop. Period.
Yes, BabyT! But, Wingstop*. Period…
Remember all weekend Shaud said he wasn't getting me WingStop and that I'm a spoiled brat and don't know how to be told 'no'
No one should ever be told “no” when it comes to getting Wingstop, but they should be told it’s “Wingstop,” not “WingStop.”
Wing stop over bdubs
Everything here is 100% accurrate... except the spelling of our name.
Thatonegirlo Grammar Day Tweet: "I told chris I wanted pancakes this morning. You know where we are now? WingStop."
@thatonegirlo, our sign can be confusing, but you’re at Wingstop, not “WingStop.” Don’t worry; you're not lost. With Chris at the wheel, you’ll always end up where the flavor is.

Keep shouting out to us on any of our social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – but for the love of grammar, spell “Wingstop” right.

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