NEW Flavor Remixes: Hot Lemon and Atomic BBQ The additions completed the 25 Days of Flavor limited-time menu.

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We continue to celebrate our 25th anniversary by serving our fans flavor for days – 25 to be exact. With that said, the limited-time menu for 25 Days of Flavor is now complete with the addition of Hot Lemon and Atomic BBQ! Be prepared for mouthwatering – and maybe sweat-inducing – wings. More details on the exclusive menu below.

Wingstop Hot Lemon
Hot Lemon

Our fans have been craving this one for years. A mashup of our famous Original Hot and zested up with legendary Lemon Pepper seasoning, Hot Lemon will slap you dizzy. What else did you expect when two of THE MOST POPULAR wings became one? Try this one and find out for yourself what happens when OG and LP collide.

Wingstop Atomic BBQ
Atomic BBQ

Rich, bold, explosive heat; Atomic BBQ takes the classic smoky, sweet tang of Hickory Smoked BBQ and cranks it up to 11 with our Atomic reserved for only the boldest of the bold. Brace yourself, this barbecue packs extra heat. If you can take it, this sauce will blow your mind.

What Else is Happening for 25 Days of Flavor?

Besides Hot Lemon and Atomic BBQ, we’ve been rolling out flavor remixes each week since our anniversary on July 5. First, we gave our fans Lemon Garlic and Dragon’s Breath. The week after that, we released Bayou BBQ and Mango Volcano. These flavors – along with a new side, two new dips and more – are still on the menu, but you don’t have much time to get your fill. Our 25 Days of Flavor is just that – 25 days that end on July 29.

Feeling up to some bold, new flavor? Try Hot Lemon and Atomic BBQ – along with the rest of the 25 Days of Flavor offerings – ASAP or miss out. Order now with our app or at

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