Introducing the New and Improved and Wingstop App Get at your flavor fix with our innovative, user-friendly interface.

New Wingstop website and Wingstop app just got a facelift! Now with updated mouthwatering food photography, a special flavor slider and exclusive Wing CalculatorTM, Wingstop IT and e-commerce teams partnered with Olo and Hathway to streamline the ordering process and optimize the digital guest experience through the new interface. See more on some of the main features below.

Mouthwater Food Photography
Mouthwatering food photography

Our wings barely need help showing off their flavor, but with updated food photography, we can’t help but feel the crave all over again. The easy to navigate system has new imagery that guides you through our Flavor World, making your menu selections simpler and more intuitive.


New Wingstop website and app feature sliding flavor scale
Sliding flavor scale

Our sliding flavor scale will let you know exactly what you’re getting into when you encounter our 11 enticing flavor options. From the sweet and tangy Hawaiian to the sweat-inducing Atomic reserved for the boldest of the bold, you’ll find your choice is made simple. But fair warning – with all these options, you’ll eventually want to try them all.


New Wingstop website and app feature Wing Calculator
Wing CalculatorTM

Finding the right bundle or number of wings can be difficult for even the most die-hard Wingstop super fan. That’s why we engineered the exclusive Wing CalculatorTM. Just rate your hunger level – are you snacky, hungry, or starving? – and tell us the number in your crew, and the Wing CalculatorTM will customize the best menu options for you. Need to order more than 100 wings? Check out this post on ordering party packs for any-sized crew.

Give our new site a spin at, or download the mobile app for Android or iOS and harness the power of Wingstop flavor right in the palm of your hand. You can also contact your local Wingstop directly over the phone or order through WingbotTM to utilize Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, or a simple text message to get your flavor fix fast.

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