Passion for Flavor Runs Deeper Than Ink One team member’s tat proves the crave is more than just skin deep.

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Angel Maisonet Wingstop Tattoo

Our team members wear their passion on their sleeves. Some even go so far to wear it on their heads. Whether you’re working at HQ in Dallas, or killing it on the ground and in the kitchen, we value all our team members and what they do daily to Serve the World Flavor.

Wingstop manager – and wing super-fan – Angel Maisonet has worked with the company for over six years. Through his time on the job, he has worked at 14 different locations and trained more than 350 fellow team members. His passion for the brand can be seen in how he works tirelessly to get the job done, but is also evident in his outward enthusiasm for his job.

Angel’s passion even translates through the very ink on his body. With the back of his head emblazoned with the Wingstop logo, he exemplifies what it means to Serve the World Flavor. His Wingstop tattoo is a testament to what we’re all about. It shows that no matter what he’s doing or where he is – whether he’s at work or not – he is an ambassador for the brand.

As a manager, he takes pride in making sure that a high quality product makes it to our guests’ mouths. In addition, Angel puts special care to make sure that every inch of his restaurants are cleaned and sanitized to perfection.

“Being able to come in every day and helping my employees become Wing Experts is what made me love the work that I do.” –Angel Maisonet

A passion for the brand goes beyond just cleanliness and food for Angel. Every day, he looks to the PEOPLE and the relationships he’s made with the owners, team members and guests to give him the motivation to rise above challenges and be the very best person he can be.

As a devoted father of three, he wakes up every day with a reason to do great things. His attitude and commitment – as well as his Wingstop tattoo – show his passion and his love for flavor.

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