Saucy Slides: A Flavorful Twist on a Board Game Classic People say you aren’t supposed to play with your food, but we beg to differ.

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Saucy Slides: A Flavorful Twist on a Board Game Classic

Here at Wingstop, we do things a little differently. We can’t help but infuse flavor into everything we do, even our classic board games. Saucy Slides is simple to play and is sure to be the talk of the party. All you need is one standard dice, the Saucy Slides board game, and your favorite Wingstop wings and dips. So, lets get saucy!

Pro tip: If you plan on playing several rounds, a dry rub like our Lemon Pepper or Louisiana Rub is best for keeping your board game dry.

    1. Print your Saucy slides board game here.
    2. Then tape the two sheets of paper together to form the full 32 spaced playing surface.
    3. Pick your flavor.
    4. Start your wing off at tile 1 of the playing board and roll the dice to get started.
    5. The number you roll is the number of spaces you move.
    6. If you go down a chute, dip it in your favorite sauce and take a bite of your wing! If you go down two chutes and as a result you find that you have devoured your wing, get a new one and start over.

Pro tip: If you want a challenge, make the chutes sudden death. Eat your wing in one bite and start over!

  1. Whoever gets their full or partial wing to space 32 wins!

We suggest the winner eats all the wings, as they rightfully deserve, or the loser buys wings for the next game. Order your wings now at

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