Second Annual Team Member Appreciation Week We threw it all the way back to the ‘90s for a bangin’ Team Member Appreciation Week and 25th Anniversary celebration.

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Pep Rally for Wingstop Team Member Appreciation Week 2019
A pep rally started us off strong for Team Member Appreciation Week 2019.

Our second annual Team Member Appreciation Week aligned with our 25th Anniversary, and needless to say, we had a BIG party! We started off the week with a pep rally, drum line included, and raised the roof celebrating our team and how far we’ve come. Starting day one, and continuing throughout the week, we competed in Ping-Pong and cornhole matchups to earn spots in our “Hangar Games” championship.

Wingstop Team Members Treated to 25 Dessert Flavors
Wingstop team members were treated to 25 desserts for our 25th anniversary.

On day two, we treated ourselves to 25 delectable desserts. After 25 years of serving the world flavor, we deserved it!

After we indulged in sweets we took a moment to relax on day three with in-office massages.

Miguel Cantu Won Top Honor as Master Sauce and Tosser
Miguel won the "Sauce and Toss" contest and was crowned the Chicken Wing King.

Day four was totally bangin’! We threw it back to our founding decade and dressed in ‘90s attire while duking it out in an Atomic Wing Eating Contest, Sauce n’ Toss Contest, and the finals of the Hangar Games; if you don’t think that’s cool, you can talk to the hand! (Boo-ya!)

Wingstop Leaders Served Breakfast to Team Members as a Thanks for Their Hard Work Every Day
Our senior leadership team closed out Team Member Appreciation Week by cooking and serving a delicious breakfast to team members.

To close out the week, our senior leadership team honored the hard work of our team by serving made to order omelets all Friday morning long.

Check out the photo reel below for a sneak peek into our sweet week!

Other Team Member Appreciation Week Photos

If this sounds like a hella good time, you can join us and get in on all the fun! See if there’s an opportunity for you at our careers page.

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