Sprague’s Skills for Success Megan shares what skills are necessary to work in communications for large brands.

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Megan Sprague with Crsito Rey Students. Header image for Sprague's Skills for Success.

Megan earned her bachelor’s in public relations and her master’s in mass communications from Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas. She has worked for Susan G. Koman, Southwest Airlines and KFC, and joined the Wingstop team in February 2017. Over the years, Megan has learned what it really takes to work in communications for major brands, and it may not be what you think. Here are three skills for success that Megan recommends all young professionals invest time int building.

Communication professionals handle nearly all internal and external communications. Writing, editing and time management are necessary skills for most roles, but what skills will give you an edge in the communications world? For Megan, confidence is her first key skill.



“In a room full of people, you’re the communications expert and are there to advise and assist in developing the right plan,” Megan said. “Trust that you know your stuff and other people will, too!”


In addition to acting with confidence, Megan’s second key is to keep kindness at the forefront of your actions. But as Megan points out, it’s sometimes easier said than done.


“If there’s a situation where tensions are high, you’re typically in the heart of it,” Megan said. “Keep your cool, forgive others and be a good person.”


Megan’s third and final key helps minimize the stress and makes it easier to keep your cool: have a “go-with-the-flow” attitude.

Having a “go-with-the-flow” mentality helps her prioritize and take on multiple projects in a short amount of time. Being able to quickly adjust to the communication needs of the company makes her invaluable to her team.

While being a good communicator is important, the skills Megan embodies are what sets her apart from others in her field. Luckily, these skills can be learned. Take time to think about these three skills and where you could apply them in your role.

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