Stress Awareness Month: How Wing Experts Cope with Stress Wingstop partners with TalkSpace and Sanvello

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April is Stress Awareness Month and now more than ever it’s important to take a self-assessment on your mental health. It’s no surprise the past year has come with a lot of uncertainty, which leads to increased stress. As a global workforce winging it from home and adapting a new way of daily living, we understand firsthand that any one of us could be feeling some angst.

At Wingstop, we partner with Sanvello and Talkspace to offer on-demand safe spaces where our Wing Experts can develop the mindfulness and stress management skills needed anytime, anywhere to ensure their personal and professional growth and stability. If you’re dealing with stress, anxiety or other mental wellness challenges, check out these resources.


Sanvello provides users with cognitive behavioral therapy tools. They teach mindfulness skills and provide mood and health tracking tools that can be used to improve mental and physical health. When you download Sanvello, you’ll be asked to track your mood daily. In addition to mood tracking, this platform offers guided journeys, coping tools and community support.


With Talkspace online therapy, you can regularly communicate with a therapist, safely and securely from your phone or desktop. No office visit required. Talkspace is convenient, safe and secure. Simply register (first visit only) and choose a provider and message anywhere, anytime.

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