WFH Tips from Wingstop

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With COVID-19 mandates affecting everything from travel to the availability of TP, people across the globe are adjusting to a new way of life. If you’re adapting to the WFH culture, here are a few tips to stay productive:

  1. Each morning when you wake up, set reasonable expectations and identify what needs to get done and make sure to do it. Try to avoid distractions like cleaning, streaming apps and social media. It’s important to get into a routine, so try designating one area of the home as the workspace (i.e. get out of your bed).
  2. Exercise increases productivity, so make sure you’re moving regularly. Not having a gym is tough, but there are other ways to stay in shape like virtual workout classes, creating hand weights with laundry detergent bottles, stretching or going for a run.
  3. Listen to music. Several music streaming services have quarantine-inspired playlists, because why the heck not? Music heightens your mood and can help block out any distracting noises like kids or pets.
  4. Check in with co-workers and your manager several times a day. A good way to do this is a simple “hey” via IM or email, or you can go the extra mile by setting up a virtual coffee break or happy hour. This will help ensure that the team stays connected.
  5. Hungry? If you’re not in the mood for a trip to the grocery store, order Wingstop instead. With free, contactless delivery, it’s the perfect solution to feed that lunch, mid-day or dinner-time craving. Order using or the Wingstop app.
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