What a Wingstop Super Fan Looks Like Totally accurate tips on how to show your love for Wingstop.

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Josh Peck and David Dobrik enjoying Wingstop on YouTube.

As Wingstop has grown to more than 1,100 locations, even more people have experienced the craveable flavor of our wings. Some true Wingstop super fans have also emerged, including Madison Rose (AKA Baddie Madi), Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning, Josh Peck and David Dobrik. But what exactly is a Wingstop super fan? In this post, we give you the 100 percent accurate portrait of what a Wingstop super fan looks like. Now you, too, can emulate the brand.

Wingstop phone case
Always with the swag

First of all, a Wingstop Super-Fan always sports their favorite swag from our WingShop. Usually, painted with a healthy dash of chicken grease. From the iconic Wingstop cup shirt to the “Too Saucy” phone case, the Wingstop super fan styles it up with flavor.

Flavor follows wherever they go

Speaking of flavor, the Wingstop super fan regularly goes about their day with Lemon Pepper-dusted fingers, and lips smeared with our famous Original Hot. You may see a splatter of ranch here and there, like on their pants or their sleeves. It’s as if the spirit of flavor is bound to their soul and they cannot escape the CRAVE.

What a Wingstop Super-Fan Looks Like
An attitude to match

You can spot a Wingstop super fan not just from their appearance, but in the way they carry themselves. They stalk the streets with a swagger that’s only partly from walking with a loose fry stuck in their shoe. They’re filled with a confident hunger, ready for the next challenge, the next wing boat. They’re bold and always ready to enter feast mode.

Never far from home

A Wingstop super fan is always within a couple miles of the nearest Wingstop. Doing so, they’re quick to pull out their phone and place an order on the Wingstop app. Just as quickly, their fingers never stray too far from the retweet button on our Twitter stream. They’re also supporters of the like button on our Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, they enjoy hanging out at our pad with their crew, catching the game with a boat of wings on each lap.

Wingstop Super-Fans enjoying a big night in with boneless wings and football
Lifestyle to bring it for every occasion

The Wingstop lifestyle doesn’t end at the restaurant; a Wingstop super fan takes Wingstop home to the couch and their desk for all kinds of big nights in. Whether it’s Netflix and chill, time to enter beast mode with their favorite team, or hitting the couch for the big game, they bring the flavor and the vibes to every occasion.

Now you know how to emulate the brand you love. Though Wingstop super fans are a numerous and diverse group of flavor cravers, their love for great wings brings everyone together. Whether you’re a well-seasoned fan or you just discovered your inner crave, the best way to show your Wingstop super fan side is to start off by ordering some wings.

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