What We Love About Fall Football, new games, new shows, BOLD FLAVOR. Repeat.

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Fall Football Wings

Fall is officially here! In case you didn’t know, this year the Autumnal Equinox was Monday, Sept. 23, which marked the moment the Sun crossed the celestial equator – basically, the length of day and night were about equal and in the Northern Hemisphere, we can say it’s officially Autumn. We’re not just excited about movements in the heavens, though. We’re excited because we love fall!

There are so many reasons to be excited for fall. The weather is tempting us with the promise of cooling down – remember we’re in Texas, y’all. Also, football season is in full swing and a host of much-anticipated video games and binge-watching sessions are upon us.

See below for some of the things we love about the season.

Football season is flavor season

Tailgating? Game day on the couch? Thanksgiving scrimmage with family? However you enjoy game day, nothing says fall like cheering on your favorite team. This football season, cheer on our 11 flavors as well.

More binging, more gaming and more of what you love

As mentioned in a previous post, the fall season is the perfect time to stay in and do what you love, whether that’s playing all the new games, chilling with your latest binge, or whatever your heart desires. Fall is the time to enjoy yourself.

Bold flavor for the cold weather

We don’t write the rules. Hot delicious food goes perfectly with colder weather. As the days get shorter and the cozy chill of fall takes its rightful place in our lives, cozy up with a fuzzy sweater and some freshly made wings.

With bold flavor from Atomic – which will surely heat you right up – to the zesty tang of Lemon Pepper, we’ve got the flavor that makes your fall cravings sway. Get some of our famous fries and ranch while you’re at it and enjoy. Order online now and enjoy the Autumnal Equinox and the rest of the fall season!

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