Where Morgan Got Her Wings From intern to communications specialist; learn how Morgan got her wings and why she chose Wingstop

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Morgan joined the internal communications team as an intern in June 2018 and finished her internship in December 2018, followed with an offer to join the team full-time as a communications specialist. We caught her for a quick interview to learn more about how “she got her wings.”


What kind of work did you do during your internship, and what skills did you develop?

“Many of the most impactful projects I worked on during my internship – and have continued to work on in my full-time role – allowed me to collaborate with various departments and several members of the leadership team. This experience helped me connect my passions to an attainable career path, which I’m now pursuing with Wingstop. I refined my skills in communication, graphic design, and communication planning. Some of my regular duties consisted of writing, editing and distributing internal communications; taking photos; designing presentation decks; creating infographics; writing for social channels; and web design.”


Why did you decide to continue your career with Wingstop after your internship ended?

“There are many reasons I chose to continue my career with this powerhouse brand, but the most important factor was the experience I had with my team. My direct supervisor, Megan Sprague, allowed and encouraged me to be creative with every project I took on. She challenged me and allowed me to take part in projects that made a lasting impact on our brand. The confidence she had in my ability as a communicator gave me the confidence I needed to blossom in my role. This passion for creativity and an open-minded approach to growth that I found in my supervisor presents itself across the company and at all levels of leadership. Wingstop’s culture made me feel welcome to spread my creative wings and made me excited about coming to work every day. I’m looking forward to applying all the skills I gained to my current role, and I can’t wait to continue growing with this company.”


What would you say to others who are looking to start their careers or want to explore other opportunities?

“I would say to never give up on finding the job and workplace of your dreams. Having a work environment you enjoy, and a supportive team is crucial to your growth.”


If you’re looking for an internship or career where your team supports and encourages you in and out of the office, where creative freedom is fueled, and where opportunities for growth are abundant, you’ve found the right place at Wingstop. See if there’s an opportunity for you at our careers page.



Morgan earned her MA in professional and technical communication from the University of North Texas in the winter of 2018 while working as a communications intern for Wingstop. She earned her BA from the University of Central Arkansas in professional writing and creative writing in the spring of 2017.

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