Wingstop Charities Donates Home to Team Member After their home burned down in a fire, Wingstop Charities stepped in

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At our 2019 Brand Partner Convention, we had the pleasure of presenting Chris Smith, a Wingstop General Manager in Beaufort, South Carolina, with a brand new home.

Earlier this year, a fire tragically destroyed the Smith family home. Chris’ Wingstop team introduced him to the Wingstop Foundation, whose mission is to provide assistance to team members during times of crisis, at which time he received a grant to help cover expenses. Once our Wingstop leadership team heard about Chris’ story, we knew we could do more to help.

This past week we were honored to have team members from Wingstop Charities, our field operations team, and Chris’ Brand Partner group on the ground in South Carolina to unveil Chris’ new house to him and his family.


This was made possible by the generous contributions from team members including members of the Franchise Advisory Council and the Wingstop Charities Board of Directors, as well as sponsorships and contributions from Ameritech, Trane, Inspire Communities and Clayton Homes.

If you are interested in learning more about Wingstop Charities and the Wingstop Foundation, visit

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