[VIDEO] Wingstop Foundation Supports Team Members in Need Team members like Ricky are the heart and hustle behind our brand; see how Ricky made a difference in Wingstop and how we helped him and his family get back on their feet.

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Wingstop Foundation is funded by Wingstop team members, for Wingstop team members. The Foundation benefits team members who have experienced an emergency such as a natural disaster, injury, or other difficult circumstance by providing financial support.

See below for a video on how Wingstop brand partner Cheryl Glover and Wingstop Foundation served team member Ricky Aguilar after a drunk driver crashed into him head on.

Wingstop team members fund this program through a voluntary payroll deduction program, but you can make an impact too. Make your donation to this organization by selecting “Wingstop Foundation” as the recipient of your contribution.

You can learn more about Wingstop Foundation and Wingstop Charities on Wingsider or by visiting WingstopCharities.org.

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