April Fools’ Day: Flavor So Good You’ll Want to Lick Your Screen. And Now You Can! The innovative technology lets you taste our flavor from the Wingstop App.

Wingstop Lick-N-Taste. The innovative technology lets you lick and taste our flavor from the Wingstop App.

In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, we felt a little mischievous and unveiled a flavor innovation that allows you to taste our delicious, bold flavors with a quick lick on your mobile device. See below for info on our “Lick-N-Taste” mobile app update.


Stuck in a rut and always find yourself ordering the same wing flavor every time? We pride ourselves on our technology initiatives that make guests’ lives easier, and now you have the option to try before you buy. Introducing, the newest wave of our flavor innovation, the Lick-N-TasteTM feature on our mobile app, which allows you to taste our flavors with just a lick on your mobile device. Now it’s simpler than ever to experiment with our 11 signature sauces and dry rubs.

Earlier this year, we rolled out a new mobile app and website, but the updates keep coming – we can’t help it! Developed by our agency partner, Hathway, the new technology allows users to lick the screen of their mobile device and taste each of our delicious, bold flavors. After countless hours spent coding and licking, licking and coding, Hathway’s technology team has introduced the market to SmellKit™, a proprietary library that incorporates haptic feedback and near-infrared light to activate intracellular events within your taste buds.

Thinking of trying OG Hot, but not sure how hot it is? Lick-N-Taste! Like some sweet with a kick, and want to try Mango Hab? Lick-N-Taste! For any flavor reservations, the answer is as simple as Lick-N-Taste. Learn more about the new innovative technology at www.lickntaste.com. While you’re at it, try it out yourself. Download our app and get licking – and tasting!

Let us know how you like – or lick – the new update on Twitter. Tag us @Wingstop and let us know.

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