Wingstop U.K. Gets a +Up with Training Team Member Malissa Amos The new London restaurant soared after successful training and opening.

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Wingstop U.K. NRO trainer Malissa Amos
Wingstop continues the quest to “Serve the World Flavour.

We recently opened the first ever Wingstop location in Europe! This London restaurant begins a long-term strategy for Wingstop U.K. expansion, and our next step to Serving the World Flavour. As with any new restaurant opening (NRO, as we call it), you need a team to facilitate the operations and train team members into Wing Experts and, which is where NRO trainer, Malissa Amos, steps in.

“I love my team. The people I work with are amazing, and we all strive to support each other.” – Malissa Amos


Malissa already had about 16 years of experience working for restaurant brands, but a couple years ago, her career came to a halt when the brand she worked for decided to alter how they trained their team members. Wingstop immediately saw her potential, brought her onto the team, and she soon found herself not just training locally across the U.S., but also venturing into new, international territory.

All NROs require rigorous training to allow the team members and restaurant to operate at its full potential from the start, and for Wingstop U.K., the challenges were unique because of the new market for the brand. We were confident, though, that the British would love our “flavour.”

Wingstop U.K. NRO team taking a selfie in the rain.
Malissa trains new Wing Experts in London

When working in the states, Malissa typically provides training documents, jumps on and off calls, puts together welcome kits for team members, and other general “running around” to make sure everything is in working order. U.K. was different for Malissa, but she took on the new challenge with anticipation; and she and her team sure did deliver! Hitting the ground running only a couple weeks before its opening, she and her team followed up with all team members for their final training, and supported staff for the VIP event and grand opening of Wingstop U.K. In the end, Malissa and her team knocked it out of the park, ending with a remarkably successful – and BUSY – restaurant opening.

Though she supported the restaurant for 14 days, Malissa also enjoyed some time exploring London. This was her first time in Europe, so she toured the city by bus seeing all it had to offer. (Her personal favourite was St. Paul’s Cathedral, where Princess Diana married Prince Charles.) Malissa was also excited to learn that the new Wingstop sat right across the street from the Palace Theatre, where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child showed.

Despite the amazing places Malissa gets to visit in her role, she says that the best part of her job is the people. “I love my team,” she said. “The people I work with are amazing, and we all strive to support each other.”

Thanks to Malissa and everyone else involved for making the U.K. NRO a smashing success! Look for more exciting international Wingstop news to come in the future. We know we can’t wait to see what comes next.

If you’re interested in joining a company that values and supports their team members, then check out our employment page for a list of available positions.

Malissa Amos and team member at Wingstop U.K. NRO

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