An Ode to Flavor Lemon yellow, pepper black, flavor is never what we lack.

Wingstop Lemon Pepper World Poetry Day

For World Poetry Day, we couldn’t help but feel inspired. What better way to celebrate this day than through our greatest inspiration? Behold our ode to flavor:


Flavor, there’s no other way

On my buds, you make me sway

Lemon Pepper, Mango Hab

Have another, and another, and another


Made to order fries each day

Could not be a fresher way

Creamy, dunky, ranchy, dab

Try another, and another, and another


Chicken tenders, bones or not

Yummy, juicy, best served hot

Spicy, protein, tastes so fab

Eat another, and another, and another


Crave Mild or Atomic bomb?

Order at

Tested, tasted from Chef’s lab

Haters hate, but we’ll have another


Are you inspired by flavor too? Tag us @Wingstop on social media and tell us all the ways our flavor inspires you. Be bold. Be brave. Make sweet poetry with us.

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