What to do on April 20, Wingstop Style Sit back, relax, and drift into our Flavor World with these quirky activities.

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Simple image of a calendar with the date April 20.

There are many things you can do on April 20 and we’re here to help make your celebrations carefree and full of flavor. Here are 11 Wingstop things to do for your April 20 – or any day – celebrations.


  1. Name all 11 Wingstop flavors. Now name all 11 flavors in reverse. Reppep Nomel

  2. Request extra smokey sauce on your Hickory Smoked BBQ wings.

  3. Try all 11 flavors…at once.

  4. Bring out your inner creative visionary by painting wings with wings. Use your favorite sauces as paint.

  5. Calculate your weight in wings. (One wing is about 2.87 ounces.)

  6. Gather your crew and watch Wingstop mukbangs while streaming your own Wingstop mukbang for an infinite loop of Wingstop mukbangs.

  7. Place your order at 4:20 p.m. on April 20.

  8. Play your favorite board game or sport with wings instead of game pieces or balls.

  9. Build the tallest wing tower you can and then challenge your crew to beat you. Whoever wins gets all the wings.

  10. Binge four hours and 20 minutes of your favorite show or video game while chowing down on your favorite Wingstop wings.

  11. Visit the Wingstop Wing Truck at Hippie Hill in San Fransisco, CA. Attendees will receive free wings… what else could you need?


Wherever you are or however you choose to celebrate the 20th day of April, we’ll have you covered when the crave for flavor hits. Head on over to your nearest Wingstop or order your wings online to cure your crave.

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