Wing it like a Dragon this Season Flavor so fire, you’ll bend the knee to it.

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Wingstop Atomic 1

It seems everyone and their mother (of dragons) will be glued to their screen this evening. With one of the most anticipated nights in television history, what more can you ask for than dragons and medieval shenanigans? How about some actual fire? Each of our most flaming flavors packs enough heat to make you bend the knee.

Original Hot

Depending on your level of tolerance, get the heat started with Original Hot. A classic blend of heat and tang, this sauce is the first we tossed and is what made us famous.


Turn it up just a notch with Cajun, adding the bold, zesty flavors of Louisiana. This sauce is bound to make you sing a song of fire.

Mango Habanero

If you prefer something sweet, but don’t mind a heavy kick in the end, Mango Habanero is the flavor for you. Don’t be fooled; this wing has a bite.


For the boldest of the bold, there’s always Atomic. Cranked up on to explosive levels, one bite of these sweat-inducing wings is sure to make you breath fire.

With the silver screen calling tonight, order your flavor choice ahead with the Wingstop app or at Feast like royalty from your couch, but don’t spoil and ruin it for others. We don’t want to add you to our list.

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