Celebrate HalloWING with Wingstop Pumpkin Carving! Our how-to video on carving your own spooky Wingstop-themed pumpkins.

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Today, Oct. 26, is National Pumpkin Day and HalloWING is right around the corner. Make it truly special and Wingstop-ified with our specially-made pumpkin stencils. Download them below and follow the steps in the video to create crave-worthy jack-o-lanterns of your own.

Children ask your parents because adult supervision is required. Adults, please carve responsibly.  

How to Create Your Own
  1. First, download your favorites from the stencils below (or create your own).
  2. Then, tape the stencil onto your gutted pumpkin.
  3. Follow that by poking holes along the edges of the graphic.
  4. Finally, remove the paper and cut away!
Wingstop Pumpkin Carving Stencils

For Beginners – these simple wing designs and “Wings” pattern are great for first-timers or the out of practice.

Intermediate difficulty – This “Where Flavor Gets Its Wings™” pattern can get tricky with all the letters.

Expert level – Can you carve our Wingstop logo into a pumpkin?

After trying these designs out – or creating your own Wingstop pumpkin creations – post them on social media and tag @wingstop. We’d love to see your beautiful designs – or your hilarious failures, too. We promise we won’t judge. Hey, it’s harder than it looks.

Please tell us about your business and why you are interested in downloading the Wingstop media kit.