The Start of Something Special The History of National Chicken Wing Day.

Wing fanatics everywhere know National Chicken Wing Day is today. This time-honored tradition, held on July 29, has more story behind it than the average wing fan would guess. Take a moment and appreciate the history of National Chicken Wing Day with us so you can celebrate the best holiday properly. Take a seat, grab some wings and above all prepare yourself for one of the most amazing events in history. The birth of the buffalo chicken wing.


Over time, the crave for flavor intensified and in 1977, the mayor of Buffalo declared July 29th Chicken Wing Day.


According to legend, the inception of the best day on the calendar is traced back to a humble restaurant on the shore of the Buffalo River in Buffalo, New York called Anchor Bar. The bar was opened by husband and wife Frank and Teressa Bellissimo in 1939. One fateful Friday night in 1964, after nearly 25 years of serving Buffalo, Teressa stumbled upon the flavorful idea. There is some debate on what inspired her. Most people agree that the recipe was born when Teressa improvised her concoction from a batch of wings that were meant for the stock pot soup. In those days, wings weren’t thought of as a center-of-the-plate menu option, but she was eager to serve her sons’ friends something special. So she fried up the wings, added some hot sauce, and served them with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing.

As a result of her bold choices, the best flavor concoction in the history of flavor was born. Bellissimo’s new recipe was an instant hit and over the years it spread to become a national craze. The crave for flavor intensified and in 1977 the mayor of Buffalo declared July 29 Chicken Wing Day. As a result of the crave, the celebration of this holiday was not contained to the city of Buffalo. Now the entire country celebrates the miracle birth of the wings. So this year, while we celebrate our favorite holiday, raise a glass to our hero Teressa Bellissimo, the mother of wings.


As a result of her bold choices, the best flavor concoction in the history of flavor was born.


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Hopefully you feel more empowered in your understanding of wing history and are better prepared for National Chicken Wing Day. Get your five free wings on July 29 and let us know how you celebrate National Chicken Wing Day on social.


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