Wingstop Wellness Week 2019 Our annual event for team members’ wellbeing and fitness.

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Here at Wingstop, one of our top priorities is the health and wellness of our team members. That’s why we host our annual Wellness Week, a time dedicated to encouraging our team members to focus on all areas of wellness – not just for a week, but all year long! The weeklong event consisted of fitness classes, healthy and informational lunch and learns and more. Our commitment to our team members and their wellness is one of the reasons we’re a Great Place to Work®.

Daily Fitness Classes

Monday through Thursday, we hired professional trainers to stop by and offer fitness training to our team members. From legs, glutes and core workouts to arms and plyometrics (jump training), there was something for everyone. As we sweated it out Wingstop style, we were encouraged to keep it going beyond the week and throughout our lives.

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Wellness Goes Beyond Fitness

But wellness isn’t just about eating right and exercise, it encompasses all areas of a person’s wellbeing. This includes emotional, financial and career wellness – just to name a few. To highlight some of these, we offered various informational lunch and learns.

Who doesn’t love a free lunch? But add some engaging presentations taught by skilled professionals with actionable tips to improve our wellbeing? That’s what our team members deserve. Among the lunch and learns, we had the opportunity to learn more about health and fitness, stress management, financial planning and even our benefits packages.

We also had the opportunity to get our biometric screenings done, which measure basic physical characteristics such as height, weight, blood sugar and cholesterol levels to provide a snapshot of overall physical health.

In the end, the week wasn’t just a time to remind team members to be healthy. It was to equip them with the knowledge and encouragement to continue healthy habits throughout the year.

Is Wingstop right for you?
“At Wingstop, we value our team members and encourage them to bring their complete selves to work. Part of that is our fun approach and support to overall team member wellbeing – physical, mental, financial.” – Donnie Upshaw, Wingstop Vice President of Human Resources

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