Carpooling with Cool People Eating Wings – Anthony Anderson and Chaos The Wingstop Whip, a 1994 corvette, made its debut along with the week’s new flavor remixes.

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This Friday, we dropped the heat AGAIN with two new flavor remixes, Mango Volcano and Bayou BBQ! To shake up the 25 Days of Flavor celebrations, we partnered with Anthony Anderson to host “Carpooling with Cool People Eating Wings.” The actor and comedian drove our Wingstop Whip, a ’94 corvette, through town along with – you guessed it – a cool person.

YouTube super star, video game reviewer, and self-professed wing connoisseur Chaos, tagged along to give the ride a +up and try the new flavor remixes of the week. “Ant” proved to be a hardcore gamer in his own way, but we won’t spoil the fun for you. Check out the video below.

This Week’s New Flavor Remixes: Mango Volcano and Bayou BBQ

The two new flavor remixes this week combine classic wing favorites to smack in all new ways.

Wingstop Mango Volcano Flavor
  • Mango Volcano takes the fruity kick of Mango Habanero down a notch with sweet Hawaiian. Combining the two flavors into one equally glorious sauce, this flavor remix is fruity and sweet, but with the kick of habanero you’d expect.
  • Bayou BBQ takes our smoky, classic Hickory Smoked BBQ and spikes it with a hit of Cajun seasoning. Inspired from the flavor-mixing voodoo of New Orleans, this remix is truly magical.

You need to try these and our other 25 Days of Flavor exclusives ASAP! Order now, because they’re only available until July 29, 2019.



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