Carpooling with Cool People Eating Wings – Anthony Anderson and Stephanie Hollman Actor and Comedian Anthony Anderson returns with the Wingstop Whip to pick up the housewife star.

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Accelerating this week, 25 Days of Flavor recently completed the limited-time menu with six new flavor remixes and other exclusive offerings. Last week, we debuted our 25 Years of Flavor Wingstop Whip, a souped up ’94 corvette. Anthony Anderson hosted “Carpooling with Cool People Eating Wings” and challenged YouTube star and gamer, Chaos, while chowing down on Mango Volcano and Bayou BBQ.

This time, we’ve got Dallas royalty in the car. TV personality and reality star, Stephanie Hollman, joined the show with Anthony as they tried our new Lemon Garlic and Dragon’s Breath flavor remixes. Can the sweetest housewife take the heat? Find out in the video below.

Haven’t tried the new flavors yet? What are you waiting for?! They’re only available until the end of 25 Days of Flavor on July 29, so order them ASAP at


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