Celebrate National Video Games Day Right – with Unbeatable Flavor Get your ultimate gamer fuel from Wingstop.

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Professor Broman Eats Wingstop on his Twitch Stream
Twitch streamer Professor Broman gets into the flavor of Wingstop while livestreaming some of his favorite games.

Fall is just around the corner. This means many things to us. From football season, to some of the best binge seshes we’ve anticipated, and finally a host of new video games set to release. Seeing as today, September 12, is National Video Games Day, we wanted to give some love to one of our favorite activities. Of course, we love to enjoy our game seshes with a side of Wingstop flavor – but what else did you expect?

Video games and wings go together like staying in and saying no FOMO – perfectly acceptable for the season, or anytime really. See below for a few reasons why video games and wings make the perfect pair.

Flavor to fuel you through the game

We’ve partnered hand-in-hand with some fantastic Twitch streamers, and they’re no noobs when it comes to a long gaming sesh. Check out some of their stream times and you KNOW they need the ultimate gamer fuel each time.

Wings provide all you need for such a time. Delicious and flavor-packed, our wings charge you up to take on the Big Bad, get through the next level and help you make it to the endgame. Enjoy your wings with our hand-cut seasoned fries – or maybe some Cajun Fried Corn. Also, don’t forget our famous ranch or bleu cheese dipping sauces. You deserve the +up.

WingArt Video Games Day
A variety of games with flavors to match

There seems to be a game for everyone. There are first-person shooters (FPS), real time strategy (RTS) games, online battle arenas, role playing games (RPG), puzzle games, massive multiplayer online (MMO) games, and more. Whatever your preference, the gamer life leaves few bored for long because there are so many options.

Perhaps equally diverse are the range of flavors offered at Wingstop. From legendary Lemon Pepper to the boldest of the bold Atomic, each flavor has that mouthwatering character perfect for meal completion. From sweet and savory, to spicy and hot, the quest to feed your crave is not a grind with Wingstop.

Celebrate National Video Games Day with Wingstop
Eat from the comfort of your desk or couch

Whether you’ve got bosses to slay, zombies to shoot, or even mansion ghosts to vacuum, the truth is, you’ve got things to do. Let’s make it easier for you. Get your Wingstop bag stuffed with the goodies and get it to go. Eat from the comfort of your desk or couch and you’re GTG. If your area offers delivery, even better. Place your order and sit back and relax. Your flavor-packed gamer fuel will arrive shortly.

With National Video Games Day today and Fall nearly here, you can bet on some more gaming seshes. Order your Wingstop now and start chowing down over your keyboard or controller. Just remember to stock up on some extra napkins. Your keyboard will thank you.

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