National Tailgating Day Tips on throwing the perfect tailgate.

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National Tailgating Day

Football has officially begun and fans all over the world will soon be flooding the parking lots of every football stadium with one goal – to host the perfect tailgate. The official definition of “tailgate” is to host or attend a social gathering at which an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium.

As the Wing Experts, we’ve been perfecting the tailgate equation for over 25 years. Lucky for you, we have plenty of options perfectly-suited for any tailgate, just in time for National Tailgating Day!

Here are our favorite tips to make sure your tailgate goes off without a hitch!

Wing to Person Ratio

Anyone can agree there is nothing worse than running out of food before the big game. To avoid “hangry” fans, we suggest providing at least six wings per person at your tailgate to ensure no one leaves without getting their fix. Use this ratio as a guide when deciding how much food to order for your pre-game meal.

Get a Group Pack

Depending on your tailgate team’s size, we recommend checking out our group packs to make deciding what to get easier than ever. The only thing you should be worried about is cheering on your team. Leave the wings to us! Our group packs come in a variety of sizes and bundles, allowing us to provide the perfect tailgate spread for any amount of people.

Mix It Up

Something about game day gets the adrenaline pumping, so it’s important to include an assortment of flavors for your crew. The most important thing to remember is not all taste buds are the same. Make sure you give your tailgate team choices when it comes to their wings! In addition to getting a mixture of sweet and spicy flavors, including bone-in and boneless are imperative to killin’ the tailgate game.

The Wing Experts are here to help you navigate through football season and make sure your tailgate is the best on the block. Everyone knows that wings and sports go together like quarterbacks and running backs, so this season, score the winning tailgate with Wingstop!

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