Wingstop Celebrates Black History Month! Wingstop Celebrates Black History Month!

In celebration of Black History Month, Wingstop is using February as an opportunity to pay tribute to defining moments in Black history as well as do our part to help educate and be a part of the discussion. Check out what some of our team members have to say about why this month is important to them!

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To me, Black History Month is a celebration! It’s a time to recognize the contributions of African Americans and enjoy our success in all fields. This month is a great chance for everyone to learn more about African American history and support causes that help our community.

-Athena Thomas, Sr. Director Ops Integration and Learning & Development


Black History Month is important to me because it serves as both a celebration and a powerful reminder that Black history is American history, Black culture is American culture, and Black stories are essential to the ongoing story of America — our faults, our struggles, our progress, and our aspirations. 

-April Singleton, Franchise Business Consultant

brian martt

Black History Month to me is an opportunity to reflect on not only our past failures as a society, but also our accomplishments. A time to celebrate, but not relish; an opportunity to not rest on words, but to tirelessly act; to not allow past transgressions to live in silence, but to understand the deafening sound they’re still allowed to make today; to acknowledge the difference, but recognize the importance of the collective; to instill today what will grow tomorrow in every opportunity we have as a society.

-Brian Martinez, Sr. Manager Office Operations

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Black History Month to me is about understanding and acknowledging significant African American achievements. Attending and becoming a two-time HBCU graduate, I learned from the community, my family, about the culture and importance of Black History. Even into our modern-day, HBCUs continue to serve as a key role for both Black Americans and American society and continuing to build Black History.

-Sherri Hassen, Receptionist



Black history to me is a powerful reminder of how rich the Black American culture is. As a culture, we fought through our struggles and were still able to triumph despite everything. Our ancestor’s known and hidden contributions have paved the way for many of us to be where we are today. Anything is possible for those who persevere.

-Marika Eanes, Accounts Payables Specialist

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For me, Black History Month is a time to ask questions. I want to learn more about Black history through the perspective of my Black friends so that together, we can continue moving the needle – growing and evolving as a society.

-Allie Arnold, Corporate Communications Specialist


To me, Black History Month is an acknowledgment and celebration of the many contributions Black pioneers have given to our country. It’s also a reminder of our ability to add to this incredible legacy each day by stepping into our purpose. 

-Jonathan Massey, Director, Sales Franchise


Black History Month is a time for us to reflect on our past and how we can do better in the future in our effort to make the world a more equitable place for all people regardless of skin color.

-Tanner Claborn, Human Resource Business Partner


Black History Month is a reminder and a celebration of our ancestors & their motivation to strive for greatness beyond current circumstance. BHM is an incredibly unifying time within our community, where you can feel the love and appreciation of our culture, as well as our contribution to society today! It is a chance to reflect on our past, and a call to action. It is motivation to continue to advocate for and uplift those within society who are often pushed to the margins. It is a celebration of who we are every day, and a reminder to match the energy of those before and leave an impact greater than myself.

-Wanjira Murage, District Manager


Black History Month is an opportunity to reflect on the impact that Black community pioneers and leaders have had on our community, organizations, and cities. It entails celebrating and honoring the legacies left by these leaders for future generations to follow. It entails promoting the advancement of the Black community in the face of ongoing racial injustices in the United States. It means continuing to educate myself and honoring the fact that we would not be where we are today without the innovative contributions of these Black leaders and pioneers — and reminding myself daily that Black history cannot be contained to a single month but should be celebrated all year.

-Jamar Evans, District Manager


I think Black History Month is a reminder to all Americans to show appreciation, recognition, and acknowledgement of the hard work, courage, innovation, and contribution from the Black community – past to present. It’s also about empowering, motivating, and uniting all majority and minority groups/races in America to develop mutual respect and understanding – fostering love and support. Learning from history creates a better paths for our successors. 

-Jessie Zhan, Procurement Category Manager: Ingredients


Black History Month highlights everything about my culture – the highs and the lows. It can help the younger generation learn more about a culture they might not have had the chance to – from famous authors, inventors and entertainers that helped shape the country we live in today. To me, it represents the struggle my ancestors had to endure and how far we’ve come as a country. Being Black is more than the completion of my skin, it’s a whole vibe. While we still have growth and progress that needs to be made, I won’t just celebrate one month of the year, I’ll choose to do it every day and make my time here matter.

-Kieland Hornsby, Sr. International Restaurant Systems Admin


Black history is more than a month – it’s my life. It’s a time to acknowledge and recognize our history, but it’s also a time to celebrate Black culture. We live in a world where there is a lot of hate and I hope one day there will be more love and peace in the world.

-Ashlan Smith, Instructional Content and Media Designer

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Black History Month isn’t just long term past history to me. It’s last year, last week, yesterday.  We are given the opportunity to study what has happened in the distant past but to me it’s history still being made each day. My son has a friend, Kennedy, he grew up with; same schools, same sports, same teams, same friends, same education; but Kennedy’s mother’s experience is very different from mine and in a large part just because their family is Black. I don’t have the same worries for my son that she does just because of the color of her son’s skin. What if my son is pulled over by the police, will my son get a good job, will someone lock their car door when my son walks by? She has these worries, and I see reports in the media that show they are justified. I see the worry on her face and hear it in her voice.  It makes me honor the strength of all people of color and while Black History Month brings it to the forefront it is lived each and every day by a large part of our population. Black History Month reminds me that we can and MUST do better. No Mother should have to worry that way.

-Betsy Peters, Franchise Portfolio Alignment Manager 

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