Don’t Be Left Wing-less: Pre-Order for the Big Game No one ever remembers who brought the spinach dip. Save the party, bring the wings.

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pre-order Wingstop to lock in your flavor

The Big Game is on February 3, and we know lots of you are drooling over the idea of biting into your favorite, flavor-packed wings while taking in the Big Game. But, because great minds think alike and there are many fans of great flavor and football, you’ve got to lock in your flavor crave early to make sure you get your wings when you need them most.


Why Should I Pre-Order?

We cook our wings and fries to order; which means wings sauced and tossed to perfection by hand, and hand-cut, freshly-seasoned fries (more on that here from Wingstop Chef Larry Bellah). Understand that fresh takes time, and on game day, there may be an extra wait. By pre-ordering, you ensure your wings are fresh and ready for you when you’re fresh and ready for them.


How Do I Pre-Order?
  1. Start your order as normal by picking your favorite wings and sides. (If you need help deciding how many wings to get for your Big Game party, check out “A Guide to Ordering Wingstop Party Packs for Any-Sized Crew.”)
  2. Under the “Time” section, select “Later.”
  3. Choose the day and time you want to pick up your order. It’s that easy! You can also schedule your order over the phone by calling your local Wingstop. Click here to find contact information for a location near you.

Don’t miss out! Our wings are perfect for the Big Game, and with our 11 bold, distinctive flavors there is something for everyone. Wingstop wings are a sports occasion essential, so order now and lock in your flavor.

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