Wingstop Launches New Virtual Brand – Thighstop Flavor fans can now enjoy Wingstop’s 11 signature flavors on bone-in and boneless thighs!

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Thighstop. It’s like Wingstop, but thighs.

We’re addressing fears of a chicken wing shortage head-on and coming to the rescue with our new virtual restaurant brand Thighstop. Beginning today, fans nationwide can enjoy tasty new options available on and through our exclusive delivery partner DoorDash.

With a focused menu designed to keep taste buds craving more, Thighstop encourages guests to try thighs, which are known to be one of the juiciest and most flavorful parts of the chicken. Specifically, fans will be able to enjoy delicious, crispy thighs, offered sauced and tossed in Wingstop’s 11 famously bold flavors. In addition to bone-in thighs, Thighstop is also introducing boneless thighs – a more juicy, flavorful take on Wingstop’s popular boneless wings.

As a perfect counterpart to any of Wingstop’s unique flavors, Thighstop will also offer fresh hand-cut seasoned fries along with fried corn, rolls and Wingstop’s signature freshly-made ranch and blue cheese dips.

Want to try for yourself? Check out and order now!

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