Wingstop Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month We sat down with some team members to learn about what their Hispanic heritage means to them!

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National Hispanic Heritage Month takes place September 15 through October 15. During this time, we recognize the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.

To celebrate, we are spotlighting some of our Hispanic team members, their cultural backgrounds, and personal Wingstop journeys!

Mauricio Calderon:

My heritage is the music, the food, and the attitude of Colombian people that my parents luckily forced us to retain when we immigrated here in 2002. Growing up in a population with a small number of other Hispanics, let alone Colombians, keeping a close link to my heritage served, and keeps serving, as a constant reminder of who I am and the beautiful story of the family that preceded me.

Wingstop values collaboration day-in and day-out. Collaboration is the vessel in which multiple people from completely different backgrounds can each add a piece to multiple complicated puzzles. We get to be our full selves and the Wingstop family is better for it, both in our working atmosphere and our performance.

Natalie Calderon:

My Hispanic heritage is a prominent factor in who I am. I pride myself on the preservation of Hispanic culture and history in my life. My heritage means that I have the opportunity of continuing the culture and traditions, contributing to history, and living out the qualities my parents instilled in me: family, hard work and perseverance.

Wingstop’s culture allows me to bring my full, authentic self every day by allotting me the freedom to embrace who I am as an individual. Wingstop’s culture, which I would define as ‘family fun’, makes me feel comfortable in bringing my heritage, traditions, and style to work every single day.

Javier Lopez:

My Hispanic heritage is a reminder for me to reflect on my family’s history and be proud of who I am. It means celebrating numerous Latin American countries and their independence, as well as highlighting all Hispanic cultures and their contributions to our country. It is a time to remember the struggles, achievements, and advancements that Hispanics have made throughout history. It’s a period in which we celebrate Hispanics by learning and teaching the different types of foods, art, dances, and much more that Hispanics have contributed to.

Wingstop has an environment that truly welcomes all people. Surrounding myself with an incredible team makes it all too easy to communicate, include, and appreciate one another. This culture provides me with the comfort to really understand my coworkers and build strong connections.

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