Wingstop Twitter Hall of Fame 2018 The year’s roundup of the best Wingstop Twitter content from our super fans.

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Wingstop Twitter love is one of our favorite things to see online. From sentimental declarations of affection to unique ways our fans prove they’re super fans, Wingstop Twitter showcases the ultimate crave. Some tweets stand out as clear winners, but they each hold a special place in our social media hearts. Below is a recap of the greatest hits of Wingstop Twitter of 2018. They show that Wingstop brings us together, inspires us with flavor and generates some serious passion. Check them out below and tag us in your own tweets @Wingstop for a chance to be featured next!

Remember Valentine’s Day? We combined our legendary flavor with the day of love, and you celebrated with us.
4.28.18.TwitterPost.elliott o28
Elliott and his crew keeping it classy before prom with Wingstop.
6.10.18.TwitterPost.carlos 021467
Carlos proved his dedication to education and flavor, inspiring us all to pursue our dreams.
7.10.18.TwitterPost. brenbear
WHY?!!!! We all need to know.
8.28.18.TwitterPost.carrasco bibi
You’re definitely not the only one, Bibi. The crave is real.
Doesn’t this story just melt your heart? We all need an “Ashley’s man” in our life.
Wingstop flavor inspires us all in different ways. Mejia takes it to another level with this tweet.
10.4.18.Twitter. ashleigh154
How can you say no to a face like that?
Loving Wingstop is nothing new to us, but it just means so much more when our fans take their devotion public. We love you too, Rios.
Not a bad problem to have, if you ask us.
Stop it, we’re blushing!


Corey’s right though – Wingstop Twitter is an amazing hub for fan content. Our fans all have different ways of showing their love for Wingstop, and we encourage you to show your love for us in any way you see fit. Tag us @Wingstop and let us know what we mean to you in your life. It gives us all the feels. Feel free to be creative, show off your humorous side, or just let us know how we’re doing.

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