A Flavorful Farewell to Bev Rich Wing Expert Retires After 15 Years With Wingstop


After 15 years with Wingstop, Bev Rich, Senior Director of Franchise Development, is retiring. Bev played a big part in Wingstop’s atomic brand growth with more than 1,400 development commitments signed from brand partners. To commemorate her tremendous dedication to the brand, Bev was awarded Team Member of the Quarter!

Bev joined Wingstop in December 2005 with no prior franchise development experience, but an innate skillset to evaluate people and match them with the right opportunity. Her background as a talent recruiter and owner of her own search agency attributed the humility, hunger and smarts that made Bev a true catalyst for our success as a brand. Her passion, infectious spirit and relationship-minded approach will leave a lasting impact surpassing her time at Wingstop.

We sat down with Bev to talk about her career at Wingstop and what lies ahead.

Why did you join the brand?

Honestly, I did not know anything about Wingstop when I joined. I received a call from one of the officers of Wingstop that I worked with at a previous employer who had a strong sense that I would love the company and be instrumental in the company’s franchise growth (although I had no franchise or sales experience). Of course, once I tasted the wings, I knew this would be the right gig for me! There was no way I could sell anything without being a total believer in what I was selling. I knew this brand was going to have a bright future and was excited to be in a role that could offer folks who were interested in owning their own business the opportunity to propel the company forward.

What was your first job with Wingstop and how did it evolve to what you do now?

Since day one with Wingstop, I have spent my entire career selling franchises. Through the years I gained a wealth of knowledge about other aspects of development in addition to sales, such as real estate and construction. I guess in a sense I became more “globally knowledgeable” about the entire development arena and developed a passion for it all!

What will you miss most about Wingstop?

This is the easiest question to answer – the relationships I have built with the amazing team at WRI and of course, all of our brand partners that I’ve been fortunate to work with. I can honestly say that there are so many brand partners that have truly become family and I will continue to cheer them on as they continue their success journey with Wingstop.

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What are your favorite memories?

So many…. conventions, market visits with brand partners, company activities – especially being captain of the food drive and winning – visiting a potential candidate in Minot, North Dakota in February (brr), team outings from bowling to Top Golf, holiday parties (especially giving to families in need), spending time at our Coit location cutting carrots and potatoes, and most of all – PING PONG (I don’t have a table at home!).

But in all seriousness, the best memories are the ones directly related to providing opportunities to brand partners that helped propel their own Wingstop business forward.

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Looking back, what is your biggest takeaway during your career?

I had the good fortune to help so many families attain their own professional and personal goals.  Not many things are more gratifying than knowing you had an impact on one’s success and made a difference in their lives by providing an opportunity that made their dreams come true.

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What advice do you have with others to be successful?

Be humble, respectful and truly listen to others. Follow the “Golden Rule” – treat others as you want to be treated. Take full advantage of mentors in your life… they are a mentor because they truly care about you as a person and genuinely want to see you succeed. I would also say that it’s important to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks. Most importantly, do what you have a passion for doing. The rest comes easy!

What are your retirement plans?

Well, I’ve got a “retirement journey” bucket list that’s entitled “Freedom to Explore.” This includes everything from learning how to play the guitar, to making jewelry, to perfecting my tap dancing! Travel will most likely stay on hold awhile longer, so I plan on spending more virtual time with my family in New Jersey and friends across the country. And, you never know, the restaurant industry is in my blood…. maybe a day or two during the week somehow staying engaged in this business would give me the best of both worlds!

All of us in the Wingstop family, team members and brand partners alike, are grateful for Bev’s commitment and service throughout the years and wish her the best on the next phase in her life, while she embarks on her “retirement journey!”

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